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Will "AI" ever replace a human artist? the question I asked Chat GPT this evening.

Image created by Adobe Firefly with the prompt (a robot standing in a meadow. it is a female robot. she is wearing a long pink flowing dress and there is a canvas on an easel. The painting is of wheels and cogs)

This was the answer....

"It's unlikely that AI will ever completely replace human artists. While AI has made significant progress in generating art, it still lacks the creativity, emotion, and originality that comes from human experience and expression.

AI can generate artwork based on patterns and trends, but it lacks the ability to make connections between disparate concepts and emotions that are uniquely human. Art is often deeply personal and reflects the artist's perspective and experiences, which is difficult for an algorithm to replicate.

However, AI can be used as a tool to assist artists in their work. It can help generate ideas and inspiration, enhance and refine existing works, or create new works in collaboration with human artists. This can allow for more efficient and effective creation of art, but it still requires a human touch to truly capture the essence and meaning of art."

Missing the point?

The discussions normally follow the path of the output and not the process. I have many things that I am passionate about and there is a part of me that thrives on creation. Whether that be writing a song, playing in a band, creating a new software solution, making a portrait or walking for hours on end just to capture one meaningful (to me) image of everyday life. All of those endeavours require effort and involve patience, time, frustration, exhaustion, self doubt, self belief, crushing disappointment and dizzying name but a few of the everyday emotions.

So why not just take all of that out of the equation and let a machine take care of all that hassle for you..."and you can just go and enjoy yourself"...and there it is, right there.


I feel almost embarrassed to mention this as it's all over my Socials but I won the Portrait of the Month award for March 2023 in the Master Photographers Association Awards for this portrait of Wull in his workshop (Wulls Wood, Carluke)

There, I did it again. I did say I felt "almost embarrassed"

The MPA will interview me on 09.05.23 to get more detail about what went into the process

and if I don't make a complete ass of myself I may put a link up.

Dukes of Uke

I did a photoshoot up in Biggar recently for the Dukes of Uke and that was great fun. They're all aff their heids and hopefully you will see the shots up on their website soon...They'll have the purple curtain from the front of the stage of the Corn Exchange in Biggar as the background. Sneak peak below of Mr John Reilly

Street Photography

I come and go with this genre. It's one of the hardest kinds of photography. Anyone can do it and have fun doing it but like most things, it's almost a curse getting educated. Suddenly you realise you know very little and that first child-like enjoyment gets totally fried and you're out there looking for The Holy Grail.

(Buchanan Street, Glasgow 29.04.23 )

Luckily, the older I get, the smaller my expectations become, so I'm just out taking photos on the streets again with a complete acceptance of average results. Again, as mentioned above, it's the process that matters.

Pet Photography

More to come on this in the future. I'm working with my daughter Emily to build a client base and portfolio....

London Calling

Another 3 day project about to kick off...

Album Cover

The album cover I was working on is moving forward and the final images are now with the artist and they are now in the design stage. It's going to take time but looking forward to seeing this develop

Blues Dancers

This weekend will see an invasion of dancers from all over the world hit Glasgow and I've been asked to photograph the opening night at The Savings Bank in Glasgow. Never been here before but it is a stunning building with sweeping staircases and a very ornate interior.

I'll be covering the dance floor, doing candid shots but will also have a portrait area set up with strobes to capture a whole stack of portraits from the evening.

I've been told that the dress code is extravagant so really looking forward to this one!

MPA Licentiateship Qualification

Still working towards this and every photoshoot takes me one step closer. Fingers crossed I'll get this qualification done by the end of the year

Congratulations if you made it this far. Thanks for indulging me and if you have any requirement for photos please get in touch.

I'm off to chuck my Tutu in the tumble dryer for the dancin' tomorrow night! Hope it doesn't shrink.

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