Special Deal on Horse and Rider Photography

"A large and liquid eye...the swirl of dust around pounding hooves...these, then, are the images that move us." - Author unknown

YasminFriend and confidant of Anne Lothian

Yasmin - Friend, Psychiatrist and Confidant to Anne Lothian 

As a man married to a horse-woman, I have come to scratch the surface of an understanding of the bond between rider and horse.  The sparkle in the eye when the hack has been fantastic, the dawn rises, the torchlight searches in the pitch black night, the rain, snow and wind and overall…the pure joy of having a horse.

Also, as a photographer, I can appreciate the beauty, power and vitality that emanates from horse & rider, whether in full flight or even in loose proximity to each other! 

I believe you will never see quite the same expression on a rider’s face, as when they are on or around their horse.  There is an un-suppressible, primitive and unconscious aura that is about as far from “Smile please…” as you can get! 

“Flat out, holding on for dear life” to “Standing nose to nose in the long grass on a summer evening”, there is a magical quality about the relationship that I would love to spend more time observing'


Mairi & PaganHeading into battle to save Middle Earth... It's not often I even remotely like a pic of myself, but such is the genius of Kirk Lothian

(Mairi Howat - above)

So what is the deal?

4 options

Option 1 - £40 (within 20 miles of Carluke)

·         Consultation of what look and feel you would like

·         I come to you and spend 1 hour photographing you and your horse

·         I supply 5 low resolution images as a short-list.  You can keep these and use for Facebook etc

·         We agree on one final image that will be provided in high resolution digital format that can be used for printing, canvas, poster etc at a publisher of your choice

Option 2 - £60 (within 20 miles of Carluke)

·         As above but includes 2 final images provided in high resolution digital format

·         Two 8x10 cardboard mounted prints in high quality gloss or matt finish

Option 3 - £120 (within 20 miles of Carluke)

·         As above plus A3 size Box Canvas Print of 1 image, ready to hang

Option 4 - £250 (within 20 miles of Carluke)

·         Personal consultation including room display options.  (Which room, which wall, what shape and colours best suit the existing décor and layout of the room.  The image will then be designed around this, from a perspective of shooting location and time and post processing options)

·         Either – A1 sized Box Canvas print, 28 inch Square Box Canvas Print or 40x16 inch Box Canvas Print (depending on agreed “best fit” for display location).

Advanced post processing, enhancement and digital re-structuring on all options available at £10/hr.

All options can be customised to suit individual needs.

Additional product pricelist...

Product  Price 
High Gloss Wall Art 298x298mm  £    23.25
High Gloss Wall Art 350x280mm  £    26.25
Aluminium Wall Art 298x298mm  £    23.25
Aluminium Wall Art 350x280mm  £    26.25
A4 Box Canvas Print  £    30.75
A3 Box Canvas Print  £    51.00
A2 Box Canvas Print  £    65.00
A1 Box Canvas Print  £    93.00
12 inch Sq Box Canvas Print  £    34.80
16 inch Sq Box Canvas Print  £    44.40
20 inch Sq Box Canvas Print  £    66.00
28 inch Sq Box Canvas Print  £    92.00
40x16 inch Box Canvas Print  £  100.00
Classic Leather iPad Cover - Black
Canvas style outer
 £    26.25

Product descriptions

Box canvas prints

High quality canvas print using archivable inks

Wall Art

The Hi Gloss Wall Art has a white surface producing a high quality photographic print.

The Aluminium Wall Art has a metallic surface and allows areas of your picture to sparkle.
Both give you a luxury quality product for a contemporary home or office.
Both constructed from a 2mm Aluminium Panel which is suspended 15mm off the wall to
create an amazing piece of wall art

Please contact me on 07702 57 1237 or [email protected] for more detail.

Offer ends 30th April 2014